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8) What is your favorite holiday?
Probably Christmas because there's three main components: the religious, the family/food, and the gifts. But I hate the commercialization of it so maybe easter is it instead. I remember as a kid going present crazy, but not in a spoiled only child kind of way. Now I'm thankful for any kind of gift. 

9) What is your favorite season?
Spring or Fall. I like seeing things change. Spring on campus is beautiful , once the flowers start coming in. 

10) What are you afraid of?
answering this question.... no i guess i'm afraid of failure, in the large scheme of things. An F on my report card. Not being able to find a good job and lead the life I want to. Having people see me cry or weak... that's a big one. 

11) Do you like trains?
yes. I love to ride them. I am fascinated by subway systems. And when I was in Germany I got to go to the main train station, get on a train and just go a couple different times. It was awesome. Can't get that feeling here with Amtrack charging an arm and a leg for East Coast service.

12) Do you like your name? 
        yes I love it. I just wish there weren't so many ways to spell it. Also Caitlin Walsh is kinda ordinary, so I have to use my middle name to stand out. My middle name is just Marie, but I think the three go together pretty well. 

What about your name?
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